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Cloud Computing Salary in 2024: Trends, Predictions, and Everything You Should Know

cloud computing salary

You have doubtlessly heard or read the message of the cloud evangelists: the cloud is the future! Businesses of all sizes are migrating to the cloud. End users and consumers are using the cloud for everything from entertainment to e-commerce, and many aren’t even aware that they’re doing so. The cloud is here to stay; the cloud is everywhere.

But this cloud acceptance results in the job opportunity floodgates opening. But how can anyone navigate the flood of cloud computing jobs and find the best cloud computing salary and career?

This article covers the entire cloud computing jobs salary picture in America today, including the average cloud computing salary, how variables can affect your compensation, what companies pay more for cloud computing professionals, how cloud experience and skills mean higher salaries, salary trends, the job outlook, and other valuable information.

Before we tell you what kind of cloud computing career salary you can earn, let’s define cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to the available resources and services accessible via an Internet connection, or as it’s known, “the cloud.” Instead of depending on on-site computer servers and in-house data centers, cloud computing uses off-site servers to store, process, and access data, giving customers access to virtual resources.

Cloud service providers rent out cloud computing services like databases, data backup, data storage, analytics, intelligence, servers, software, and networking, providing their customers with scalable solutions that are easy to use, secure, and cost-effective.

There are many cloud service providers to choose from, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Now let’s look at the typical cloud computing salary.

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What is the Average Cloud Computing Salary?

According to, the average cloud computing job salary in the United States is $88,679. This salary is the median between the low end of $57,000 and $138,000. However, plenty of variables change that number, which transitions us nicely into our next point.

Cloud Computing Roles and Salaries: Factors Affecting Cloud Computing Salary

Here are the different factors that can affect a cloud computing salary.


A bachelor’s degree in cloud computing, information technology, computer science, or any other related field will affect your salary. In addition, the skills these courses of study impart are valuable in today’s cloud-centered world.


Education is great, but there’s nothing like getting hands-on cloud experience. The more experience you have, the more value you have. Organizations know this and are willing to pay more for a cloud computing professional who has been in the field long enough to acquire and hone their cloud computing skills.


Different areas of the country pay different salaries, whether in the IT field or not. In addition, many cities and states have unique costs of living, and businesses based in those areas adjust their starting offers accordingly.


Some industries rely on cloud computing more than others. We’ll see how this turns out later in the article.


Huge companies that use vast cloud computing resources need more professionals, including data analysis, cybersecurity, and programming positions. Also, company size plays a role in determining salary. For instance, a smaller company may only need one person to oversee the daily cloud computing chores but not for anything on the technology side. Consequently, that small business wouldn’t budget for a cloud computing engineer salary.

The Economic Factor

Good economic times mean prosperity and more jobs. Conversely, lean economic times mean budget cuts, layoffs, and lower salary packages.

Industry Demand

When there are more job openings than there are viable candidates, it becomes a job-seekers market, which typically means generous compensation packages designed to lure that scarce talent. This condition is especially true for occupations related to new technological innovations (e.g., artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, etc.).

Cloud Computing Salaries by Level of Experience

We’ve already established that the more experience you have, the higher salary you can ask for. But how exactly does that translate into a cloud developer salary or any of the countless other cloud-related professions? Here is a breakdown of cloud computing salaries by how experienced you are, as reported by

  • Entry-level. $81,969 per year
  • 1-3 Years. $88,905 per year
  • 4-6 Years. $98,394 per year
  • 7-9 Years. $106,462 per year
  • 10-14 Years. $117,403 per year
  • 15+ Years. $128,366 per year

What Do Different Cities in America Pay Cloud Computing Professionals?

Here are the best-paying cities for cloud computing professionals, according to, as of February 2023.

  • Sunnyvale, CA. $147,440 per year
  • Livermore, CA. $143,594 per year
  • Santa Rosa, CA. $142,749 per year
  • Dimondale, MI. $141,853 per year
  • Cambridge, MA. $138,787 per year
  • Lake Marcel-Stillwater, WA. $136,795 per year
  • Vacaville, CA. $135,743 per year
  • New York City, NY. $135,348 per year
  • Lynn, MA. $134,916 per year
  • Fairfield, CA. $133,955 per year

The Best-Paying Companies for Cloud Computing Professionals

If you’re looking for which companies pay the best cloud computing salary, then look no further. This list, provided by, shows the top-paying companies for cloud computing professionals.

  • Stanford Health Care. $229,000 per year
  • Deloitte. $199,792 per year
  • Selby Jennings. $185,473 per year
  • Publicis Sapient. $164,074 per year
  • NCS. $161,625 per year
  • Stefanini IT Solution. $156,933 per year
  • Accenture. $154,307 per year
  • Pueo Business Solutions. $148,355 per year
  • Search Services. $145,000 per year.

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A Look at Cloud Computing Careers

It’s not enough to say, “I want to be a cloud computing professional.” The cloud computing field has numerous roles, each with unique responsibilities and compensation. Let’s look at a sampling of the more popular cloud computing careers.

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager. A CISM analyzes a company’s computer needs and makes recommendations based on the findings. In the context of cloud computing, they help plan, coordinate, and guide cloud systems. Average salary: $133,789.
  • Computer Systems Analyst. Computer Systems Analysts study an organization’s computer systems, which includes cloud systems and develop ways to improve efficiency. Average salary: $85,688.
  • Cloud Administrator. Cloud Administrators maintain cloud system functionalities. They are responsible for transitioning locally hosted infrastructures to the cloud. Administrators also customize cloud environments to meet the company’s needs. Average salary: $83,712.
  • Cloud Architect. Cloud architects design and build data communication networks, like local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and Intranets. Average salary: $198,674.
  • Cloud Developer. Cloud developers create applications to run on cloud platforms. Average salary: $112,735.
  • Cloud Engineer. Cloud engineers are software engineers focused on cloud software. They oversee cloud migrations and maintain new cloud systems. Average salary: $118,794.
  • Cloud Consultant. Cloud consultants work with companies to ascertain their cloud computing needs and implement a plan. Average salary: $111,121.

What Do Careers Related to Cloud Computing Pay?

The beauty of learning cloud computing is that it opens doors to careers that go beyond the typical cloud computing vocation. Here are five occupations that relate to cloud computing and what they pay, according to

  • Lead Cloud Architect. $182,857 per year
  • Principal Cloud Architect. $173,333 per year.
  • Principal Cloud Engineer. $166,128 per year
  • Chief Cloud Architect. $157,969 per year
  • Azure Cloud Architect. $155,044 per year

The Job Outlook for Cloud Computing

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts that cloud computing employment opportunities will grow by 15 percent in the ten years between 2021 and 2031. This growth rate is considerably faster than the average for other occupations. This impressive growth is driven by factors such as businesses’ rising cloud migration rate and the increasing demand for more effective and efficient methods for storing, managing, and analyzing data.

Upcoming Cloud Computing Salary Trends

According to, cloud-related occupations are trending among the highest-paid occupations for the foreseeable future. Additionally, reports that the public cloud computing market will hit $800 billion by 2025.

So, it’s safe to say that cloud computing salaries will continue to trend upward for at least the next few years. There’s a high demand for cloud professionals thanks to the rising cloud migration rates in the business sector and increased cloud usage among consumers. Cloud computing is a safe career choice that offers excellent compensation.

Would You Like to Be Part of the Cloud Computing Revolution?

If you want an exciting, secure career that offers challenges and financial rewards, consider becoming a cloud computing professional. Naturally, this process requires you to learn the essential skills that every cloud computing professional is expected to have. This cloud computing bootcamp can help you achieve this skill level.

This comprehensive cloud computing bootcamp can help you gain the required cloud computing skills to boost your career in just six months. You can fast-track your career by mastering cloud architecture principles, focusing on today’s top two cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. During the course, you will leverage hands-on industry projects to help you gain skills in designing, planning, and scaling advanced cloud implementations.

You will benefit from a half-years’ worth of applied learning, including over 40 hands-on projects, sandboxed labs, and a capstone project in four domains.

Don’t delay. Sign up for this valuable bootcamp, take control of your career, and earn an excellent cloud computing salary!

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