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John Terra

John Terra is a professional blogger residing in Nashua, New Hampshire. A seasoned writer who has been writing freelance since 1986, Terra's body of work cuts across technology and related domains, primarily gaming. He has also written articles for Computer Shopper and Inc.Magazine, as well as ZDNet.

Blogs by This Author

Why Python for Data Science

Why Use Python for Data Science?

This article explains why you should use Python for data science tasks, including how it’s done and the benefits.

Data Analysis in Excel

Tutorial: Data Analysis in Excel

This article covers data analysis in Excel, including how to use it, methods, data analysis types, and other valuable information.

What is Exploratory Data Analysis

Overview: What is Exploratory Data Analysis?

This article answers the question, “What is exploratory data analysis?” and covers aspects such as data collection and cleaning and the types of exploratory data analysis.

What Is Data Mining

What Is Data Mining? A Beginner’s Guide

This article explores data mining, including the steps involved in the data mining process, data mining tools and applications, and the associated challenges.