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John Terra

John Terra is a professional blogger residing in Nashua, New Hampshire. A seasoned writer who has been writing freelance since 1986, Terra's body of work cuts across technology and related domains, primarily gaming. He has also written articles for Computer Shopper and Inc.Magazine, as well as ZDNet.

Blogs by This Author

How to Get into Cybersecurity

A Guide on How to Get into Cybersecurity

This article details how to get into cybersecurity, including defining cybersecurity, the needed skills, and various cybersecurity certification options.

Data Analyst Skills

All About the Data Analyst Skills Professionals Need

Data is the lifeblood of 21st-century society. It’s used in workplaces, learning institutions, financial activities, commerce, and entertainment. Consequently, we produce colossal quantities of data every day, which presents a formidable challenge for anyone trying to make sense of it and pick the specific information that’s most useful. This glut

What Does a Coder

What Does a Coder Do? A Beginner’s Guide

This article answers the question, “What does a coder do?” and outlines the coder’s responsibilities, required skills, and necessary programming languages.

Data Analytics in Healthcare

Industry Spotlight: Data Analytics in Healthcare

This article covers data analytics in healthcare and details different types of healthcare analytics, the advantages of healthcare analytics, examples, jobs, and the future of the field.

Data Science in Healthcare

Industry Innovations: Data Science in Healthcare

This article focuses on the role of data science in healthcare, including its applications, roles, and advantages. We also cover how to pursue data science in healthcare as a career option.

UX UI Design Principles

All About UI UX Design Principles

This article discusses UI and UX design principles, beginning with an introduction to UI/UX design, then exploring UI UX principles, and wrapping up with an opportunity to upskill.