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John Terra

John Terra is a professional blogger residing in Nashua, New Hampshire. A seasoned writer who has been writing freelance since 1986, Terra's body of work cuts across technology and related domains, primarily gaming. He has also written articles for Computer Shopper and Inc.Magazine, as well as ZDNet.

Blogs by This Author

What is a Confusion Matrix

What is a Confusion Matrix?

This article demystifies the confusion matrix and covers what they are, why they’re needed, how they relate to ML and AI, and how to create them.

What is Neural Network

What is a Neural Network?

This article explains neural networks, including defining them and describing the types, applications, benefits, and advantages of taking an AI course.

Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud Computing Trends for 2024

This article details cloud computing trends for 2024. The article defines cloud computing, its benefits and challenges, and forecasts next year’s hottest cloud industry trends.

DevOps Best Practices

An Overview of DevOps Best Practices

This article explores DevOps best practices, starting with an explanation of DevOps and why it’s essential, then focusing on the best practices of DevOps implementation.


Exploring the DevOps Engineer Salary

This article offers DevOps engineer salary information based on geography, experience, and company, and discusses career paths and requirements.

How to Become a UX Designer

How to Become a UX Designer: A Deep Dive

This article shows the reader how to become a UX designer and explores the role, qualifications, salaries, and training via an online UI UX bootcamp.