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What Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary Can You Expect in 2024?

ai engineer salary

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are riding the crest of popularity in today’s IT world. So naturally, this popularity translates into a growing demand for AI professionals. However, with more companies hiring artificial intelligence and machine learning professionals, it becomes more challenging to decide who to sign up with.

That’s why we present to you this informative article that demystifies the concept of the AI engineer salary. We will begin by defining an artificial intelligence engineer, then explore the AI skills you need to become one.

Then we will cover the main point: the artificial intelligence engineer salary. We will analyze average AI engineer salaries by experience level, geographical location, company, and industry. Finally, we’ll round things out with a peek at the future job outlook for artificial intelligence engineers and how you can score a better AI engineer salary.

So, what’s an AI engineer, and what do they do?

What’s an AI Engineer?

Before looking at artificial intelligence jobs salary data, we should define the AI engineer’s role. Artificial Intelligence engineers develop AI-based systems and applications using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, such as neural networks, machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing (NLP).

Additionally, artificial intelligence engineers are IT experts who develop intelligent algorithms that can learn, analyze, and even predict future events. In summary, AI engineers create machines that can reason like a human brain.

Here’s a list of AI engineer responsibilities, presented for quick and easy reference.

  • Use AI to solve problems
  • Maintain existing AI infrastructure and systems
  • Create and deploy innovative AI solutions
  • Prepare and analyze data sets
  • Collect data and analyze it (analytics) to identify and resolve issues
  • Conduct image processing, pattern matching, feature extraction, and pattern recognition
  • Work with other teams (e.g., data management, information security, electrical engineering, etc.), to integrate AI modules
  • Construct data science infrastructure.

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What Are the Skills Required to Become an AI Engineer?

Artificial intelligence engineers require a particular set of skills to perform what’s considered a very complex job. And the more skilled the artificial intelligence engineer, the higher the artificial intelligence engineer salary.


Artificial intelligence engineers require a solid working knowledge and understanding of object-oriented programming languages like Java, Python, R, C++, etc. Fortunately, these languages are relatively easy to learn, and the more you know, the more versatile your skillset is.

Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus

Artificial intelligence engineers often use derivation, matrix multiplication, vectors, and integrals. A good AI engineer is also familiar with statistical models and concepts like Gaussian Distributions, Hidden Markov Model, Naïve Bayes, and Standard Deviations.

Algorithm Theory and Applied Math

Artificial intelligence engineers with applied math and algorithms skills can better understand concepts like Gradient Descent, Quadratic Programming, and Summations.

Signal Processing Techniques

It will be crucial for feature extraction. In addition, it will enable you to perform time-frequency analysis and advanced signal processing algorithms.

Language, Audio, and Video Processing

These skills help you deal with linguistics and computer science and include elements such as audio, text, or video using natural language processing.


This soft skill helps you better deal with team members, other groups, and non-technical people such as stakeholders.

Critical Thinking

This soft skill helps AI engineers to objectively analyze the facts, observations, and evidence and form a conclusion.


Finally, this soft skill covers defining a problem, ascertaining its origin, identifying and prioritizing potential solutions, and implementing them.

Now that we know the skills an artificial intelligence engineer needs, it’s time to look at the AI engineer salary picture.

AI Engineer Salaries

The typical artificial intelligence engineer salary varies by several factors, which we will discuss later. However, the median annual AI engineer salary in the United States is $156,648, according to According to these findings, the lower end of the spectrum falls at $79,500 and tops out at $266,500.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary by Experience

Here is a breakdown of artificial intelligence salaries by years of experience. Obviously, the more experience you have, the more you can expect to earn. reports the following figures as of February 2023.

  • Entry-level. $115,599 per year
  • 1-3 Years. $125,714 per year
  • 4-6 Years. $136,883 per year
  • 7-9 Years. $145,100 per year
  • 10-14 Years. $157,274 per year
  • 15+ Years. $168,018 per year

The Top Five Best-Paying Jobs Related to Artificial Engineer Jobs

Sometimes you can’t get the exact job title you were shooting for. Here are the top five positions available that relate to artificial engineering and what they pay, as reported by

  • Director of Business Intelligence. $152,030 per year
  • Intelligence Researcher. $148,608 per year
  • Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer. $147,236 per year
  • Artificial Intelligence Ai Engineer. $146,428 per year
  • Machine Learning AI. $141,431 per year

Similar AI Engineer-Related Occupations

Here’s a sample of five more AI engineer-related jobs that, while not paying as high as our previous list, are nevertheless great positions where you can use your artificial intelligence job skills, reported by

  • Data engineer. $94,431 per year
  • Data scientist. $103,052 per year
  • Machine learning engineer. $96,022 per year
  • Software developer. $88,544 per year
  • Software engineer. $87,301 per year

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AI Engineer Salaries by Company

The typical AI engineer salary can vary from one company to the next, depending on size, compensation package, and overall need. Here is a sampling of what a dozen different companies are offering, as reported by

  • Google. $204,579 per year
  • Apple. $197,481 per year
  • Shield AI. $181,589 per year
  • Intel Corporation. $181,216 per year
  • Electronic Arts. $178,382 per year
  • Interactions. $176,078 per year
  • Tesla. $165,642 per year
  • Visa Inc. $163,162 per year
  • Aisera. $161,246 per year
  • Invitae. $155,183 per year
  • IBM. $148,424 per year
  • Lockheed Martin. $123,379 per year.

AI Engineer Salary by Location

An artificial intelligence engineer salary can also vary by where in the United States the job is. Here are the top ten best-paying cities for artificial intelligence engineering jobs, as indicated by When considering the location and how good the salary is, remember to take the local cost of living into consideration. For example, it’s safe to say it’s more expensive living in California than in Wyoming, so your pay will go further in the latter case.

  • Green River, WY. $203,549
  • Santa Clara, CA. $188,392
  • San Francisco, CA. $182,696
  • Washington, DC. $182,094
  • Bolinas, CA. $181,889
  • Los Angeles, CA. $179,699
  • Kensington, NY. $178,976
  • Fremont, CA. $178,499
  • Marysville, WA. $176,739
  • Germantown, MD. $175,133

AI Engineer Salaries by Industry

Here are the top four intelligence engineer salary figures by industry, supplied by

  • Information Technology. $178,647 per year. This rate is 1% higher than in other industries.
  • Media and Communication. $178,382 per year. This rate is 1% higher than in other industries.
  • Manufacturing. $165,642 per year. This rate is 7% lower than other in industries.
  • Aerospace and Defense. $123,379 per year. This rate is 43% lower than in other industries.

What’s the Job Outlook for AI Engineers?

In a word: bright.

The artificial intelligence field has a fantastic job outlook, as the IT world has only begun to tap its full potential. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 31.4 percent increase in jobs for data scientists and mathematical science professionals, two of the fundamental building blocks for artificial intelligence by 2030.

So if you’re looking for a career that’s brimming with potential and will challenge your mental faculties while paying a high artificial intelligence salary, you should check out the AI engineering field.

How to Boost Your Artificial Engineer Salary

So you’ve taken the plunge and become an artificial intelligence engineer. Congratulations! But now, you’re eager to amplify that salary a bit. So what are the best ways to increase your AI engineer salary?

  • Earn your master’s degree. Although you don’t need a master’s degree to get a great job as an artificial intelligence engineer, you can’t have too much education or possess too many skills. A master’s degree adds more gravitas to your CV or resume, and AI specialists with master’s degrees tend to earn more.
  • Conduct your own research. This article refers to several job sites for salary figures. Save those sites and use them to research your position. There’s nothing like a bit of evidence to back up your claims to your boss.
  • Sharpen your hard skills or learn new ones. Practice makes perfect. Look for opportunities to use and perfect your current skills, and look into self-taught options to gain new skills. The more skills you acquire, the more valuable an employee you are!
  • Get certification. Certifications offer you an education and experience, then provide a means of verification to potential employers. For instance, consider this valuable AI bootcamp. Through more than 25 hands-on projects, including three capstone projects in three critical domains, you will learn skills such as ensemble learning, reinforcement learning, NLP, deep learning, recommendation systems, computer vision, Python, and much more.

Take Control of Your Future

So don’t delay. Sign up for this valuable AI bootcamp, enjoy a new career in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence, and, most of all, earn a high AI engineer salary. Take the first step today!

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