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What is the Average Blockchain Developer Salary in 2023?

Blockchain developer Salary

Blockchain technology is still a new concept for many people, although, thanks to the advent of cryptocurrency, it’s getting more attention. Although it has yet to change how companies process data and conduct transactions thoroughly, the technology is making gradual inroads, and signs show continued growth.

As the demand for blockchain developers increases, questions arise regarding compensation. This includes inquiries about the average salary for blockchain developers and whether pursuing a career in blockchain development is worthwhile. This article aims to answer the question, “How much do blockchain developers make?” by examining the blockchain jobs salary landscape, taking into account experience levels ranging from beginners to experienced developers. Additionally, we’ll explore the salary outlook for blockchain engineers and discuss essential concepts such as career opportunities. To begin, let’s define what constitutes a blockchain developer.

What is a Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is a professional who designs, develops, and tests blockchain systems and related applications. We can divide the profession into two distinct types.

  • Core blockchain developers focus on system architecture. In addition, these developers manage cybersecurity measures and oversee the entire network and data structures.
  • Blockchain software developers design and develop software applications designed to run on blockchain platforms. Blockchain software developers create decentralized applications called dapps, web applications, and smart contracts.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Blockchain Developer

The specific roles and responsibilities of a blockchain developer depend on the particular type of blockchain developer. For instance, a core blockchain developer’s part differs from a smart contract engineer’s.

Core blockchain developer

  • Manages blockchain network security, including cryptography
  • Develops and optimizes blockchain protocols
  • Oversees integrations between the blockchain and other services

Blockchain software developer

  • Develops software and applications to run on blockchain platforms
  • Implements software features and verifies functionality
  • Researches and maintains blockchain infrastructure

Blockchain quality engineer

  • Ensures and manages blockchain development quality
  • Writes and implements software testing
  • Handles automation initiatives and dashboards

Smart contract engineer

  • Develops and audits smart contracts
  • Communicates with users
  • Translates business goals into tech requirements

What Do You Need to Become a Blockchain Developer?

Having a technical background is essential for becoming a successful blockchain developer. Generally, a typical blockchain developer holds a degree in computer science, information security, or a related discipline. Additionally, many companies prefer hiring blockchain developers with appropriate certifications in relevant areas of expertise. However, even without a degree in a related field, it is possible to secure a job as a blockchain developer by possessing the appropriate certifications in your background. Ultimately, there is no one guaranteed path to becoming a blockchain developer, but it typically involves a combination of a tech background, relevant certifications, and hands-on work experience. Furthermore, we will delve into certifications later on, so there’s no need to worry.

Blockchain Developer Salary by Experience Level

Similar to other industries, vocations, and career paths, having more experience in blockchain development typically results in a higher salary. This is because job experience is a valuable resource that can be easily monetized. When an employer hires a candidate, they pay not only for the candidate’s skills but also their experience.

Here’s how average blockchain developer salaries in the United States break down by experience, courtesy of Note that these figures are subject to variables such as location, hiring company, and economic factors.

Years of ExperienceSalary
0-1 Years (Entry level)$91,257
1-3 Years$97,377
4-6 Years$105,463
7-9 Years$110,825
10-14 Years$117,893
15 years or more$130,259

Taken as an aggregate, the average blockchain developer salary in the United States clocks in at $101,852.

Blockchain Developer Salaries by Regions in the United States

We’ve previously mentioned that blockchain developer salaries in the United States vary by region. Here is a breakdown of the top-paying states in the U.S., as reported by

State Salary

Florida $175,000

Georgia $175,000

New York $165,000

Utah $160,000

Nevada $160,000

Massachusetts $156,000

Washington $153,125

California $146,250

North Carolina $145,000

Colorado $143,000

Virginia $140,000

Texas $140,000

Pennsylvania $121,500

New Jersey $120,000

Illinois $112,500

Blockchain developers often find their roles and responsibilities overlapping with other related fields. Here is a list of careers that share an affinity with blockchain development and what their annual salaries look like, according to

Job Title Annual Salary

Software Engineer $110,025

System Engineer $107,413

Developer $102,674

Systems Engineer $102,528

Project Manager $90,480

Lease Operator $80,505

Market Manager $80,000

Blockchain Engineers

While there is often overlap between the two roles, blockchain engineers share some similarities with blockchain developers. These engineers are responsible for driving the development and growth of computer networks, data structures, and algorithms. Their focus is on designing and implementing digital blockchains to solve business problems.

Blockchain Engineer Salaries in Selected U.S. Cities

Here is a breakdown of average blockchain developer salaries in a sample of cities across the United States, as reported by These figures are subject to variation based on experience level and type of company.

U.S. City Annual Salary

Seattle $177,134

San Francisco Bay Area $170,318

Phoenix $170,000

New York $167,822

Austin $165,259

San Diego $163,000

Los Angeles $161,892

Boston $156,375

Washington D.C. $153,065

Chicago $150,352

Philadelphia $148,789

Dallas/Ft Worth $147,222

Atlanta $142,818

Toronto (Canada) C$142,249

Denver $137,000

Houston $132,000

Tampa $126,466

Columbus $101,000

There are also certain positions related to blockchain engineering that merit a look, also courtesy of

Job Title Annual Salary

Hyperledger $189,550

CTO Blockchain $162,966

Oracle Blockchain $136,659

VMware Blockchain $131,518

Blockchain Engineer $125,958

Blockchain Developer Salaries in Other Countries

The demand for skilled blockchain developers extends beyond the United States. The subsequent list provides a comprehensive overview of other countries seeking blockchain developers and the average salary offered. These figures are courtesy of

Country Average Annual Salary

  1. Latvia $170k
  2. United Arab Emirates $160k
  3. Netherlands $150k
  4. Lebanon $150k
  5. Germany $120k
  6. Hong Kong $120k
  7. Portugal $120k
  8. Australia $115k
  9. Egypt $110k
  10. Israel $110k
  11. Switzerland $102k
  12. Denmark $100k
  13. New Zealand $100k
  14. Bangladesh $100k
  15. Japan $100k
  16. Mexico $100k
  17. Brazil $100k
  18. Bolivia $100k
  19. Romania $100k
  20. United States $100k
  21. Singapore $95k
  22. Belarus $90k
  23. Bulgaria $87k
  24. Canada $87k
  25. Serbia $80k
  26. Sweden $80k
  27. Taiwan $80k
  28. Argentina $80k
  29. Vietnam $75k
  30. Ukraine $75k
  31. Cameroon $75k
  32. Belgium $70k
  33. Poland $70k
  34. Spain $70k
  35. Typical Average Remote $65k
  36. China $62k
  37. Turkey $62k
  38. Panama $60k
  39. Ireland $60k
  40. United Kingdom $60k
  41. Nigeria $60k
  42. Georgia $57k
  43. Tunisia $55k
  44. Greece $50k
  45. Kenya $47k
  46. Italy $45k
  47. Philippines $45k
  48. Thailand $45k
  49. Colombia $42k
  50. Estonia $42k
  51. Pakistan $40k
  52. India $35k
  53. Ivory Coast $30k
  54. Malaysia $27k
  55. Venezuela $25k
  56. South Korea $20k
  57. Ecuador $20k
  58. Armenia $20k
  59. Indonesia $15k
  60. France $15k
  61. Kazakhstan $10k
  62. Russia $10k

Do You Want to Become a Blockchain Developer?

According to a market research study conducted by Custom Market Insights and reported by, the Global Blockchain Technology Market’s demand analysis indicates a revenue value of approximately $4.8 billion in 2021. The market is expected to grow to about $69 billion by 2030, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 68% between 2022 and 2030. The report includes details of the leading market players such as Amazon Web Services, IBM, Infosys, Intel, NTT Data, and many others, including their sales, revenues, and strategies.

We’ve seen how blockchain development offers a solid compensation package and good job security. If this is a career you would like to transition to, consider taking this informative Blockchain Developer certification course..

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  • Bitcoin
  • Blockchain
  • Consensus
  • Distributed Ledgers
  • Cryptography and Cryptocurrency
  • Hyperledger
  • Networks

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