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A Look at 10 Great UX Portfolio Examples

ux portfolio examples

Aspiring UX portfolio designers are told, “Create a compelling UX portfolio before applying for a position.” That’s excellent advice, but what constitutes a compelling UX portfolio?

This article provides a handful of UX portfolio examples showing what a good portfolio looks like. We will explain what a UX design portfolio is, what a good UX portfolio should include, and a sampling of memorable portfolios, why they’re good, and what we can learn from them. We also share an online UI UX program professionals can take to build their skills and start a UX portfolio.

So, what’s a UX design portfolio?

What Is a UX Design Portfolio?

UX design portfolios are collections of work samples that show off your skills and abilities as a UX designer and includes examples of all stages and parts of the UX design process for projects you’ve worked on, including concept sketches, wireframes, research insights, and prototypes.

One of the most essential functions of a UX design portfolio is showcasing your design thinking process and results. This demonstrates your ability to think critically and creatively solve problems by creating innovative solutions.

So, the UX design portfolio is how you introduce yourself to a potential employer, showing off your skills, talents, and approaches to a UX design challenge.

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What Should You Include in Your UX Portfolio?

When you assemble your UX portfolio, consider what kinds of projects you’ve worked on and the skills you developed that can be valuable to potential employers. Your portfolio should include work samples from each part of the UX design process (e.g., case studies, concept sketches, prototypes, usability testing insights, wireframes, or interactive design concepts. The portfolio’s overall look and feel must reflect your unique personal style while drawing attention to your technical expertise.

Additionally, include any certifications or achievements that help to bolster your credentials. Your portfolio should be concise but comprehensive. Less is more. Refrain from overwhelming yourself by trying to stuff too much information into one.

Now, let’s check out ten of the best UX portfolios out there.

10 of the Best UX Portfolios

  1. Elizabeth Lin. Elizabeth Lin is a San Francisco-based product designer interested in fashion, teaching, and classical saxophone.
    Elizabeth Lin UX Portfolio ExampleImage source: Elizabeth Lin.
  • Why is this design so good? One word: visuals. Elizabeth relays a story and gives us visuals to make her points clearer. Elizabeth’s portfolio tells a story through case studies that takes us from inception to completion. She uses visuals to accentuate each point and includes a running commentary in the form of personal notes.
  • What can we learn from it? Show, don’t tell. Include images for each stage of your case study. Document your process, and don’t be afraid to take many screenshots.
  1. Priyanka Gupta. Priyanka Gupta is a tech enthusiast and product designer based in San Francisco. She excels at unsolicited design. When she encounters substandard UX, she can’t help but act—she redesigns the whole UX experience! This is in addition to her standard client-based work.
    Priyanka Gupta UX Portfolio Example Image source: Priyanka Gupta.
  • Why is this design so good? Priyanka documents her entire process in great detail, starting by framing the problem. This initial effort helps us better understand her motivations and design decisions.
  • What can we learn from it? Unsolicited redesigns are a great way to enhance your UX portfolio and show your initiative as a UX designer. Frame the problem, document the process, and tell a good story. But remember to insert a disclaimer.
  1. Daniel Autry. Daniel Autry is a designer, developer, and behavioral researcher in Charlottesville, Virginia. Daniel is intensely interested in the social product space and is researching the intersection between mental illness and technology. Daniel’s portfolio features some terrific work in the mental health space, and he has successfully found the number of projects to insert into his portfolio that works for him.
    Daniel Autry UX Portfolio ExampleImage source: Daniel Autry.

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  • Why is this design so good? This design’s strength is finding the correct number of projects that work for him and choosing the ones that best showcase his range.
  • What can we learn from it? There’s no perfect number of projects for your portfolio; it’s different for each designer. If your choices reflect your skill set, you’re good to go. Don’t fret or second-guess about the number.
  1. Vera Chen. Vera Chen is a product designer who has interned at Facebook. She holds a Master’s degree in Human-Centered Design and Engineering. Vera has a beautifully illustrated portfolio with substantial backstories and clear descriptions of her roles in her projects.
    Vera Chen UX Portfolio ExampleImage source: Vera Chen.
  • Why is this design so good? Vera doesn’t just explain the problem; she explains how it began and her role in resolving it. So, it’s a beautifully rendered tale of how a challenge came about and how she met it.
  • What can we learn from it? Provide as much context as possible for each of your UX portfolio’s case studies. Set up the scene with a short backstory before commencing your problem statement, which should include explaining your role in the project and any collaborators.
  1. Nguyen Duc Thang. Nguyen Duc Thang is a UX designer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Although he’s a relative newcomer, he can put together a considerably powerful portfolio.
    Nguyen Duc Thang UX Portfolio Example Source: Nguyen Duc Thang.
  • Why is this design so good? Nguyen employs eye-catching graphics that consistently hold the content together throughout the document. After an introduction, he details his skills and qualifications before launching into a series of case studies detailing wireframing, user personas, prototyping, testing, visual design, and information architecture.
  • What can we learn from it? Feel free to go big regarding the number of case studies. Show the world how you nailed that project from start to finish!
  1. Hoàng Kỳ Phong. Hoàng Kỳ Phong is a Hanoi-based UX designer intensely interested in art and design.
    Hoàng Kỳ Phong UX Porfolio ExampleSource: Hoàng Kỳ Phong.
  • Why is this design so good? Hoang chooses a classical feel by leaning into a black-and-white color scheme. His portfolio boasts a logical layout, digestible design, detailed survey information, and market research.
  • What can we learn from it? Consider the user’s perspective at each step by showing both the process and results.
  1. Lola Jiang. Lola Jiang is a California-based UX designer who works at Google. She previously worked as an interaction designer for YouTube. Lola’s approach to her UX design portfolio is to frame the impact of her UX design by the needs of the business.
    Lola Jiang UX Portfolio ExampleImage source: Lola Jiang.
  • Why is this design so good? If you’re a UX designer, you must show potential customers what you can do. Lola achieves this admirably by showing her role in the project flow and contextualizing it to her client’s needs.
  • What can we learn from it? If you want to make a living from UX design, show your work in a business setting.

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  1. Zara Drei. Zara Drei is a London-based UX designer who creates beautiful, user-centric web products. She also enjoys messing around with electronics, building ceramic and metal sculptures, making video loops, and producing electronic music. Zara focuses on creating digital products and experiences for fashion, luxury, and beauty brands.
    Zara Drei UX Portfolio Example Image source: Zara Drei.
  • Why is this design so good? Zara uses imagery and color to create a sense of luxury in her portfolio, effectively presenting her talents in her chosen focus (luxury and beauty).
  • What can we learn from it? Your portfolio’s website should reflect your brand, with visual design playing a vital role. The best portfolios encompass the complete package, consisting of detailed case studies rendered in eye-catching UI design and flawless UX.
  1. Yu-Hsuan. Yu-Hsuan is a UX designer who works for Google as an interaction designer. Although much of her work is locked down due to NDAs, she has nevertheless been able to convey her talents and side project work by emphasizing her illustrative talents in her portfolio.
    Yu-Hsuan UX Portfolio Example Image source: Yu-Hsuan.
  • Why is this design so good? Yu-Hsuan cleverly uses her illustrative talents to showcase her skills to prospective clients while still abiding by the terms of her NDA.
  • What can we learn from it? Sometimes, you can’t show direct examples of your work, so get creative. Adopt a strong visual style that shows off your design skills. Also, be approachable by encouraging visitors to your site to contact you.
  1. Valentia Gigli. Valentina Gigli is an Argentia-based junior UX designer. Her designs combine simplicity with bold colors.
    Valentia Gigli UX Portfolio Example Image source: Valentina Gigli.
  • Why is this design so good? Valentina embraces a simple but memorable style by incorporating eye-popping colors and bold titles.
  • What can we learn from it? Sometimes, it pays not to play it safe; make that big swing for the fences! Go bold or go home.

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